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A holiday in Tuscany is on everybody’s must-do list. Whether it’s the holiday of a lifetime or an annual event, there’s always more to discover and enjoy. For families that want their kids to have a cultural, old-world experience, wine tours, and romantic getaways, Tuscany is the ideal destination. With a range of accommodations from wedding villas to small luxury hotels, the holiday experience begins as soon as you arrive.

A Tuscan holiday
Traveling in Europe is a must-do for everyone. The combination of history, culture, food and cutting edge arts is a heady mix that will keep you going the rest of the year. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime holiday or a regular annual visit, there’s always more to discover. Once you’ve seen the cities and museums, it’s time to take in the countryside and the rootedness of culture and traditions.
A holiday in Tuscany sounds like something out of an Edwardian novel or a Hollywood movie, with rich and intriguing characters living interesting e characters could be you and your family, discovering the culture, wines, foods and traditions of the Italian countryside.

Renting a villa
Tuscany is famous for the wine tours, and that’s not surprising. Italy is the leading wine producer in the world, with 17.43% of the world?s wines originating there in 2015. Of this, nearly 3 million hectoliters was produced in Tuscany.
Tuscany is also a romantic destination, for weddings and honeymooning couples. With a wide variety of weddings villas and honeymoon ideas, it checks all the boxes for a wedding. Who could resist the idea of a honeymoon in wedding villas in Tuscany?

How about a castle?
But Tuscany also has family friendly hotels and family resorts, which will delight the kids as much as the adults. Who could resist an authentic castle, with the original interiors? There’s so much to do on family holidays, discovering the idyllic countryside and out of the way roads, chapels and cafes.
In fact your Tuscan holiday begins the moment you step inside your hotel, where you’re welcomed as a member of the family. And your introduction to the wines and cuisines of Tuscany also begins with your boutique hotel, where the food is as good as you will find in a Michelin starred restaurant.

The best thing about a Tuscan holiday is that there’s always more to discover. With wedding villas, boutique hotels and even castles, you have a range of accommodations to choose from. And more reasons to return next year.