Airplane display

Do you fly often throughout the year? Whether you are flying for a work trip or you are flying for a personal or family vacation, the trip can be both enjoyable and stressful. Some people dread the thought of going to the airport, waiting in lines and flying in the air. Others truly enjoy the experience and the thrill and look forward to their upcoming arrival in a new destination. Whatever the case is for you personally, having the best in-flight entertainment systems can make the entire flying experience that much more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone on flight.

More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to fly for personal and professional reasons every single year. So, different airlines are putting for the effort to create top of the line aircrafts that everyone will want to fly in. From global aircraft interiors, to in flight entertainment systems, to aircraft display systems, keep reading to learn all the ways airlines compete for your business.

The statistic of people who fly on airplane every single day is increasing each year. Currently, there are around 8 million people who choose to take a flight every day of the year. When you add that up, the number of people who fly in any given year is astounding. For instance, 2013 was the first year that the number passed the three billion mark reaching 3.1 billion passengers who flew on different flights.

With so many people choosing to fly, airlines have to get more creative in order to compete with other airlines for more passengers every day, every month and every year. Since 75 percent of flights taken by individuals are for leisure purposes, it makes sense that airlines would try to make flights as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for their customers. The vacation does not have to start when passengers land in their final destination. It can begin when they enter the airplane if airlines offer an in flight entertainment system and global aircraft interiors that are accommodating to the passengers.

So, how much does it really matter today whether an airline invests in the best quality airplane and the best IFE systems? It turns out, these things really matter to consumers because they take advantage of a variety of things while flying. Whether they are looking for comfort, entertainment or relaxation, airlines need to be ready to offer it all to their passengers if they want to stay on top.

When people choose what they want to do on airplanes, it breaks down into a few simple categories. Nearly 41 percent of people who are flying say watching a movie would be of interest to them. To do this, it would require flights to offer the ability to watch TV and movies through WIFI or IFE monitors. Next, 21 percent of passengers enjoy reading a book. To do this, many passengers prefer to be as comfortable as possible. So, offering global aircraft interiors could be just the touch to bring in more customers. Lastly, around 17 percent of people who flying say they enjoy napping in the air. Similar to reading, those who nap want to be comfortable and relaxed in their chairs in order to enjoy this activity.

The data does not just stop with what passengers prefer to do on flights. It goes further to show how passengers make decisions about what airline they will book a flight through. Most people think it is all about the price of the flight when actually there are quite a few other factors that influence a consumer?s decision. For instance, 25 percent of people who responded to TripAdvisor?s 2013 Air Travel Survey claimed WIFI offered by an airline will draw them into purchasing a flight. Whether they are using their cell phones, laptops or tablets, passengers enjoy the option to connect while in the air.

When you fly, what is your favorite thing to do? Does it matter to you whether or not there is an in flight entertainment system, WIFI, or the best global aircraft interiors for comfort and relaxation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.