Outer banks wedding planner

Getting married? Ever consider getting married on a beach, sand beneath your feet and the sun setting in the background? Or maybe you are interested in beautiful lighthouse for a wedding setting? Or even a state or national park? Check a wedding guide for information on vacation home rentals for your wedding or honeymoon.

There are over 44,000 weddings that take place every weekend. Now that can be all kinds of competition for wedding venues like hotels and churches. But consider vacation home rental services instead. There will be less competition for the date you desire and more options to choose from.

Why not have a wedding that doubles as a vacation for everyone? 37% of Americans say vacations make them happy. And why wouldn’t it? Vacations can be reduce stress and bring families closer together. Isn’t that what a wedding should do also, bring families closer together? Use your wedding as a vacation for a happy family gathering.

50% of women say planning a wedding is more stressful than they thought it would be. Some spending up to 11 hours per week planning their wedding. After all of that, you will need a vacation. Instead of hours on a plane to some foreign country, or being surrounded by random kids yelling on your private beach, maybe vacation in style for your wedding or honeymoon. Use a wedding guide to find vacation rentals in the location of your choice.

Many rental management companies can offer a wedding guide and some offer all inclusive wedding packages. This can help you plan everything from the wedding site, caterers, equipment rentals, and wedding plans. They can give you a place to stay and your family and guests a place to stay. They can offer houses with tons of amenities and find something in every setting you can desire.

Make your wedding into a family vacation using vacation home rentals for your big day. Use a wedding guide or a wedding planner to help decrease your stress and let you enjoy your new life. After all, who wants a boring wedding that’s the same as everyone else? Be different and get the wedding you always dreamed of with less stress by using vacation home rentals.