Traveling throughout the United States can offer fun and excitement no matter how old you are. If you haven’t considered where to make your next trip, come to Alaska. With a variety of national parks, monuments, and historical sites, there’s never a dull moment when you plan Alaskan vacations. For those that enjoy nature vacations and being around wildlife, here is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to discover everything this state has to offer.

There’s a Variety of Places to Stay

Alaska is a popular vacation destination and offers many different places to stay. You can find comfortable places around the state such as Halibut Cove lodging, making it easy to stay near a place where you’re fishing or hunting at. If you’d rather vacation closer to a large city in Alaska, you can find both luxury lodges and luxury Alaska resorts, helping you feel comfortable no matter where you choose to stay. Lodges are a popular choice, with over 17% of vacationers in 2016 choosing this as their temporary home while in Alaska.

Alaska is a Top Destination for Fishing

If you love to fish, Alaska is a popular choice for folks who enjoy various types of fishing. Over 50% of the state is made up of wilderness, making it ideal for those who like to hunt and fish. If this describes you, consider getting your favorite fishing pole and making the trek to this state. You’ll have ample choice of lakes and ponds to fish from, and the chance to try different types of fish than what you would find back home.

Even in the Summer You Can Enjoy the Outdoors Without Getting Too Hot

If you avoid going to certain places during the summer but still want to take a vacation, come to Alaska. From May through September, many people come to Alaska while the weather is warm, and to enjoy the beauty of the state during a comfortable season. You can enjoy cooler temperatures during the summer in Alaska, with all the beauty of the great outdoors to boot.

If you’re looking for your next vacation destination, come to Alaska. With various types of places to stay, from fancy resorts to Halibut Cove lodging, and cool temperatures in the summer, you’ll get a chance to be in the great outdoors and enjoy everything it has to offer.