There is no “wrong” way to take a vacation or other fun excursions from the home or office, although some methods of seeing a new place can offer certain advantages over others. Tour buses and walking tours are common ways to take in the sights and sounds of a new place, but for more exotic excursions, a popular way to see the world is through helicopter tours, where guests may ride on board a helicopter for a sightseeing adventure from a great vantage point to take in all the natural scenery. Hawaii is a popular destination for such vacations, with many Americans of higher levels of income (or those who simply save a lot) opting to take excursions from above. Helicopter tours in Oahu, for example, can show the island’s wild beauty from above, from its volcanoes to the jungles to the beaches and native tribal communities and festivals. Hawaii helicopter tours can be a thrilling way for vacationers to see the sights.

Hawaii and Vacations

It will probably not come as a surprise that many Americans want to take vacations and other exotic excursions, and Hawaii ranks as among the most popular destinations to visit every year. Some 96% of Americans are in agreement that taking vacations is an important thing to do, and Hawaii is a popular place to visit. An AAA survey showed that 35% of Americans plan to take vacations at least 50 miles away from home, and for most, Hawaii is certainly more than 50 miles away. Hawaii received some 9.3 million visitors in the year 2017 alone, and many of them want to see the island of Oahu. This island is the third largest and most populated of the state, being 597 square miles, and the natives know it as “The Gathering Place.” Many natural features and tribal landmarks and activities are ripe for tourists, and one way to take in the sights is from the air.

Renting Helicopter Rides

Many helicopter tour services can be found across Hawaii, including Oahu, and customers with the cash to spare can buy a ride on these vehicles to see Hawaii from above. Before riding, clients are advised to look over the helicopter to make sure that it looks comfortable and in good repair, and the client may also inquire about the pilot’s credentials and experience, as well as customer reviews. If everything seems to be in order, one or more clients can pay for a ride, and they will soon begin the aerial tour. The helicopter’s walls and windows are tough and will not allow strong winds to bother the customers, and everyone will typically wear headsets so everyone’s voices can be heard over the helicopter’s noises. This can be very useful for the tour guide explaining the sights being flown over as the tour progresses. What is more, helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather, so if a storm or other bad conditions are truly a flight hazard, the helicopter will stay grounded, so potential clients should keep the weather in mind and book an aerial excursion when the weather is fair and will stay that way for the next few hours.

Booking a helicopter tour can be as easy as going online to find some, and right before a vacation starts, a person can book a helicopter tour for themselves and party members, and arrive at the helicopter’s base at Hawaii on time to begin the tour. A customer should probably keep busy vacation times of the year in mind; during the busiest weeks and months, it might be difficult to find an open time slot for a helicopter tour during an excursion to Hawaii, but during slower times of the year, it may be easier. Prices for the tours may also be affected by how busy the current season is, so clients browsing online should keep that in mind, too.