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Getting from point A to point B in a group can be difficult. Do you put together a convoy of cars to take your group there? Do you look at shuttle services? Fighting traffic is never fun, so it is often best to opt for a no-drive travel arrangement. Charter bus rentals can be the answer, offering safe, affordable transport to destinations of your choice.

Currently more than 631 million passenger trips are made every year in the United States by the motor coach industry. Charter bus rentals are not only a safe mean so transport, they are also environmentally friendly. Just one full motor coach can take 55 vehicle off the highway and such coaches also have the lowest carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per passenger mile of all other vehicles. They are six times more fuel and energy-efficient than a car and there time more efficient in reducing CO2 emissions than commuter rail. A motor coach is also five times more efficient in lowering CO2 emissions than transit buses. This means that swopping your car to rent a charter bus for the 12,500 miles traveled each year would reduce CO2 emissions by 4.3 tons per car per year!

Charter bus rentals are also safer than most other forms of transport, with experienced drivers who understand how to drive in different conditions. The versatility of such a transport mode is also attractive. Whether you need to take a group to the airport, go on a tour of an area or travel from city to city, motor coach travel is a safe and comfortable way to do it. Single day bus tours or multi day bus tours are both on offer. It is also often more affordable than other options.

Bus travel is also hassle-free. No long lines or security checks and few restrictions on luggage. Airports are known for causing frustration, so much so that the industry releases a most frustrating airports index each year. The index examines issues such as clearing security, length of time to get to the airport, quality of the terminals, bathrooms and amenities, and on-time plane schedules. In 2014, New York La Guardia was named most frustrating airport in North America with an index score of 91 out of 100. Charter bus rentals mean you skip the airport and have an easy travel experience to your destination.