With summer knocking at your door, start searching for “all summer camps near me” because the summer activities are about to begin. It is just the perfect time for you and your family to go out and explore nature. With summer around, you are probably ready to come out of winter hibernation and take advantage of the rich warm temperatures. That’s the dream. You are probably wondering “where can I get affordable sleepaway camps near me or affordable summer camps near me?”. However, so much to look at, so little time.

To help you get the most from your summer getaway. This article has made it easy for you as it gives an insight into the best day camps sites like Sioux Falls. No need to search for “camps near me summer sites. Whatever summer activities you and the rest of the family want to participate in, at the end of it a smile on your face is all you want to feel. To get the most out of it, a brief guide is provided for you.

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As summer gets into full swing, Americans are looking for attractions to keep the season exciting and fun. For many, whether families, couples, or groups of friends, the outdoors is calling. Family camping vacations offer an opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying time together as a family. Time to explore the great outdoors!

Named for the Sioux Tribe of American Indians, Sioux Falls boasts the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River, just a few blocks from today’s downtown district. Camping in or near Sioux Falls offers wonderful kid friendly vacations. More than 11 million adults and children go to camp in the U.S every year; almost 43 million Americans went camping in 2011. In all, more than 534.9 million days were spent camping in 2011. Whether glamping, enjoying a luxury cabin in the woods, or roughing it in a tent, this equates to roughly 12.6 days per person. More than a quarter of camping participants were younger than 17 and almost 15% were between 6 and 12.

Camping and hiking tend to go hand in hand. It is the most popular activity while camping. Water-based activities such as boating, swimming in pools and lakes, going to splash water parks or having fun on giant water slides are often offered by family friendly campgrounds. Many also offer mini golf, basketball, and volleyball, in addition to hiking. Public campgrounds are the most popular attractions for campers, according to 67% of participants in a survey by The Outdoor Foundation.

The $15 billion dollar industry camping industry has seen a number of trends over the years. One of the key ones is glamping, which combines five-star luxury with the excitement of traditional camping. Nightly rates for such luxury camping experiences can run between $1,000 and $2,000 a night. But you need not shell out such high rates, traditional camping offers affordable, fun family friendly holidays that can fit any budget.

Areas like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offer a range of activities to keep even the most active kids and adults busy. From hiking to water sports or just a relaxing camping respite, such holidays are ideal for a few days or even a summer-long getaway. The great outdoors awaits!