Taking a private jet may feel like living in the lap of luxury to many of us, but the use of private jets and getting a private flight quote is more common than many people realize. There are many reasons to get a private flight quote to use a private aircraft. For one, some people discover a passion for flying and may decide to get a pilot’s license and buy a private aircraft of their own. Others travel by private flights for strictly business purposes.

No matter what the reasoning behind private jet travel, there is no doubt that it is becoming more and more popular. In fact, the United States alone represents nearly half of the private jet market, with Europe as a distance second and representing only just over twenty percent of the private jet market. There are currently more than eleven thousand private jets in the United States alone, with more than one million Americans currently employed in the aviation industry. Private jets and getting a private flight quote is probably more common than previously realized, with private jets utilizing regularly more than five thousand airports. In comparison, commercial flights use just only just over five hundred airports all around the country.

Commercial jets can be the less than ideal option for a number of reasons. First, they are often cramped, crowded, and generally uncomfortable. They require long wait times and frequently leave behind schedule and arrive to their destination behind schedule as well. Overhead carry on storage can sometimes be lacking and for the passenger traveling alone, seat partners are often less than ideal – and as you cannot predict who your seat partner will be, there is often little that can be done about your situation. In fact, commercial flights taken by those on business trips have been found to reduce overall employee productivity with those who flew on commercial flights to business conferences and the like reporting that they felt a drop in productivity by nearly half (typically around forty percent).

Private jets can be the alternative, and the ideal option, for a number of concrete reasons. First, they are often faster, as private jets fly at a consdierably higher altitude than commercial jets. This means that there is less air traffic and therefore the private plan can get where it going much more quickly than a commercial flight going the same distance and to the same destination would be able to.

Getting a private flight quote and traveling by private jet can be a particularly satisfactory experience for businesses. Transporting their business people and employees by private jet has been shown to be universally beneficial. It can even raise overall productivity of employees, with those traveling in a private plane noting a twenty percent rise in productivity not only compared to a commercial flight, where productivity is anticipated to drop, but even from their normal office setting.

There are many reasons that commercial flights are far from the preferred method of transportation, and it leads far too many people to dread flying and view it with an overall negative attitude. However, flying can be enjoyable in you request a private flight quote and fly privately. Not only is it likely that you will get where you’re going considerably more quickly, you are also far more likely to fly in comfort and style. Requesting a private flight quote may change your flying experiences for the rest of your life as a passenger of the sky.