Do you need a vacation? Statistically speaking, you probably could use a few days on a sunny beach somewhere south, like at one of the vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas excels at providing. As few as 25% of American workers take all of their vacation days each year, and there is no reason to be one of them. A trip to one of the luxury resorts ubiquitous to warm sunny beaches will not solve all of your problems, but it will be a nice break. Read below to find out the benefits of staying at one of the vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas offers.

Sunlight Is a Verifiable Mood Booster.

Rain tapping on rooftops can be a soothing sound to fall asleep to on cool autumn nights. But a rainy day can ruin a vacation. When doing research on where to visit for your next vacations be sure to take a look at the future weather projection. While predictions are just that, and not a guarantee, it can at least give you an idea of what to pack. If there is a chance of inclement weather, it is good to plan a back-up activity that will take you and your party indoors for a few hours without feeling bored. Some areas are more prone to rainy weather, while other regions are perpetually sunny. For example, Cabo experiences between 350 and 360 days of sunny, low-humidity weather depending on the year.

Remember the Essentials: Travel, Money, Food, and Entertainment.

Once you have decided on where to vacation, it is necessary to calculate the costs that will accumulate for you and whomever to travel to that fabulous location. Air tickets; air port parking or taxi fare; food; and there will likely be one or two unpredictable little problems that pop up during travel. Remember to calculate for the roundtrip, of course. If your getaway is in another country, make a plan to change currency. Many times, the areas immediately surrounding a major resort will accept both the dollar and pesos, but it can be more convenient to carry the right currency. At the vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas, many of the nearby vendors accept American money, but may return change in pesos. The exchange rate may vary between 10 pesos to a dollar, or 12 pesos to a dollar depending.

Why Is Taking Time Off So Hard?

In one study by the website Glassdoor in 2013, 75% of survey participants admitted they did not take all of their available vacation days each year. Perhaps startlingly, they all received paid vacation days, so it was not a matter of loss of wages. Many employees in all work sectors have a hard time requesting vacation time. It could be that they feel they are just that indispensable to the company. It might even be true. It could be that they would really love to take a break, but cannot find a perfect time to do so. Whatever the reason might be, the truth is that taking time away from work is scientifically proven to be good for your brain. Even machines need to be reset. A few days away from the usual grind can give you fresh eyes to see new solutions to old problems.

A great vacation takes a bit of planning to pull off. Spontaneity is fun and refreshing; holes in itineraries and lost confirmations are not. Whether you chose one of the vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas supplies or an all inclusive resort on the beach, make a list and check it twice before heading out. That way, the only thing left to do is enjoy the time off.