Empty leg private jet

Traveling gets old. What can first seem like a great perk of a new job, traveling to meetings on either coast within the same week can leave travelers weary and spent. While many of the corporations that require large amounts of travel offer some nice salaries, commissions, and other incentives, few of them offer their employees what they need the most–time. Private jet charters, however, can offer safe, affordable options to road weary travelers who find themselves coming and going many times in the same week.
Private Jet Charters Provide Faster Traveling Options
Although owning or chartering a private plan may seem like an expensive travel option, the cost needs to be looked at in a variety of ways. Airports that support charter flights are conveniently located. Private jet charters have the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public airports in America. This number represents more than 100 times the number of of major airports that people think of when they fly. With the increased number of airports, the charter option provides convenient access to nearly any destination.
Closer airport options mean that frequent travelers do not have to drive long distances to and from large busy airports. Additionally, smaller airports that service aircraft charter services are often easier to access. Everything from easy, close parking to the elimination of large security lines create an expedited experience that ultimately cuts down on travel time.
Perhaps even more importantly, charter jet companies offer flexible departures and arrivals. Instead of a strict once or twice a day offering that is available with larger airlines, private jet charter companies can be available to fly when the customer wants.
Private Traveling Options Insure That You Know Who Your Fellow Travelers Are
While security lines at major airports are a necessity to provide a safe environment to thousands of travelers, the private jet charters serve a much smaller crowd where travelers know their airline companions. While required safety checks and flight plans still monitor the security of small charter flights, travelers eliminate the uncertainty of who they are flying with.
In fact, studies indicate that passengers aboard a company-operated aircraft not only know the other passengers, they plan meetings with them as well. These private charter travelers spend as much as 36% of their time in flight in meetings with colleagues or potential customers. When not meeting with other employees or customers, 30% of the private jet travel time is dedicated to doing individual work tasks. Without the interruption of a hundred other travelers boarding and unboarding, time on a charter flight can be productive. It should not be surprising that travelers on private flights rated themselves 20% more productive while on a company chartered or owned aircraft than when they are in the office. Passengers flying commercially, on the other hand, report a 40% drop in their productivity.
Alternately, these charter jet services allow time for non-work related things as well. Leisurely reading or sleeping is easy to achieve on a flight that is not packed with strangers.
How Valuable Is Your Time?
We live in a busy world. While many conference calls and meetings can take place without meeting face to face, more than eight million still people fly every single day. Of these eight million, many of them are traveling for work. Long lines for parking, check-in, security, seating, and baggage can mean extremely lengthy work days. A flight schedule that can get a business traveler out and back in the same day so that he or she can sleep at home can be especially long. Flying the first flight out and the red eye back home may allow a business traveler to save the expense of a hotel, put the schedule may be at the expense of the weary traveler’s health.
Companies that respect the schedules of their workers understand the importance of limiting travel time whenever possible. Money that many companies spend on overnight hotels and commercial airline tickets for a larger group of travelers can instead be spent chartering a corporate jet. These privately piloted travel options are safe, flexibly scheduled, and efficient. Are you ready to give your employees the gift of time?