Holiday in a tipi

Who wants a hotel room when you could stay in a Scottish holiday cottage? Who needs room service when there is an opportunity to holiday in a yurt, holiday in a tipi, stay in a riad, stay in a shepherds hut or rent villas in France or villas in Spain.

Non traditional places to spend a vacation are available everywhere, and they come in all different forms. Do you want to stay in a yurt, a riad, a train, a castle, a windmill a tipi or an Airstream? All of those are available. These can be especially good options for large families and extended families during reunions in particular.

Many alternative forms of camping are cost effective. For example, upscale camping, which is known as glamping in some circles, is much cheaper than renting an enormous hotel room. Even if you do not want to camp outside alternatives to a hotel, like a Scottish holiday cottage, abound.

Many people are not only renting a Scottish holiday cottage. They are going all over the world. According to the Portugal News, traffic to Portugals primary airports climbed to over 3 million in July 2011. It is for this reason that the Scottish holiday cottage and other options are becoming so popular. For more, read this link.