Hoboken corporate housing

According to the National Household Travel Survey, US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are approximately 128 million commuters in America. Of those 128 million, 3.3 million are known as stretch commuters. A stretch commute consists of a commute to work that is 50 miles or greater one way. Thirty two percent of stretch commuters can travel up to 200 miles each way. That means there are more than one million Americans who, each week, spend most of their time traveling or on the road.

And then there is the type of commuter known as the extreme commuter. In lieu of warming up their car and getting on the highway each morning, these extreme commuters take a plane, sometimes as far as 500 to 600 miles away, to their place of employment. For those who travel such great distances to work, a viable and popular option during the work week are corporate housing NJ units and NJ furnished apartments.

NJ furnished apartments are often considered NJ temporary housing or short term rentals in nj. Because the key demographic of NJ furnished apartments are workers who need a home away from home, New jersey furnished apartments for rent offer a lot of amenities and luxuries to make its residents as comfortable as possible during the work week. Most NJ furnished apartments are accommodations that require at least a 30 day minimum stay. In addition to providing long term rental prices, these NJ furnished apartments units provide kitchens, separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, and many have extra amenities such as cleaning services and an in unit washing machine and dryer.

New Jersey short term rentals offer extended stay accommodations for people on vacation, too. This type of NJ furnished apartments arrangement is particularly popular in tourist destination spots such as the Jersey Shore. The pricing is more comparable to an apartment rental, however the added bonus of NJ furnished apartments is the furniture and the added services such as cleaning, housekeeping, dry cleaning, etc. Refernce materials.