Adirondacks campgrounds

Fall temperatures are getting warmer and warmer. This makes it possible to plan a camping trip comfortably, even later in the year. Additionally, planning a camping weekend getaway trip during the busy back to school season can provide you many advantages. A camping trip can be advantageous both emotionally and physically. Consider planning your upcoming fall camping trip for the following reasons.

A boost in family time
You go from spending all summer together to the busy schedules of the fall and winter. The kids go back to school and your work tasks increase. You might even find it difficult to keep up with everyone?s schedules. Eventually, you begin to feel distanced from your family. It could be another couple of months until you can reconnect during the holiday season break. Planning a quick family camping resort trip on the weekend can give you and your family the opportunity to reconnect.

Educational vacation experience for children
Camping can also be very educational for children. It can be a great addition to the already started school year. In a study by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University, 98% of parents said camping makes their kids appreciate and connect with nature, 95% said their kids were happier when camping, and 93% felt that it provided useful skills for later life. Many educational programs even arrange end of year camping trips for students to expand their educational opportunities.

Teach the importance of destressing
America as a nation is overly stressed. People are not taking vacation days and even children are seeing an increase in homework and school requirements. When you plan a family camping resort trip during the fall, right in the middle of the busy season, you are showing your family that you value destressing. Many people, both children, and adults find it difficult to engage in self care. Once school is in session, children become stressed and lose the chance to be a kid. A study done by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University revealed that 95% of parents agreed that their kids appeared happier while on kid friendly vacations, such as camping.

To prepare for an even busier winter schedule
Fall is filled with back to school plans and adjusting to the busy schedules. However, once winter comes, things begin to pick up even more. Preparations for the holidays begin and school loads are increased even more as the end of the semester comes. Taking a final breather in between the fall and winter season can prepare you for the upcoming crazy season. Spend a weekend at a family camping resort. In fact, if you plan something in the next couple of weeks to a month, it will be timed perfectly for winter busy preparation season. Additionally, if you are one of the 43% of campers who plan their trips at least one month prior, you may be interested to know what kid friendly vacations activities Lake George has to offer.

Guarantee warmer weather
The fall weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Although it has been warmer lately, the temperatures could quickly drop. If you want to plan a weekend vacation at warmer campgrounds or in a family camping resort, consider traveling a little further. The more south or west that you plan, the better the weather will likely be. Additionally, you can always plan a camping vacation somewhere with cabins for rent. You will have sufficient shelter in the event you are met with rain or cold weather.

Although the majority of family camping trips take place over the summer months, the fall is another great camping option. Camping allows you to take a break from the busy school year. It allows you and your family to prepare for the upcoming busy winter season. You are teaching your children about the outdoors, while also showing them the importance of self care and how to destress.