Campgrounds mississippi

Research shows that vacations for employees can have a powerful effect on that employee’s ability to concentrate, function, and overall refreshment. For many, a vacation can provide some much needed relief from the day to day functions of the job and the overall feeling of fatigue.

This is doubly true for those that have families and work long hours. The dual commitments and responsibilities can quickly become a difficult responsibility to manage, especially when trying to find some peace and quiet for yourself. Fortunately, there is one way in which a vacation can be found where family and work stress are likely to diminish significantly: camping.

According to the 2014 American Camper Report, 40 million Americans above the age of six went camping in 2013, which amounts to 16%. Campers traveled an average distance of nearly 190 miles or camping trips, with most camping (70%) being done in public campgrounds, though the growth of family vacation campgrounds are becoming another option for campers.

Camping seems to be an activity that most participants were introduced to when they were young. 85% of current camping participants took their first camping trip between birth and age 15. After age 15, the chances of being exposed to camping were slim. In fact, while 57% of current camping participants were exposed to outdoor activities as a kid, less than one-quarter of those who do not camp were exposed to them.

So why does camping have this appeal to millions of Americans each year?

Part of the appeal lies in family. The image of a family heading out to the campground to sleep in tents, lounge at the lake, hike among trails, or sit around bonfires, is well known in American family lore. 13% of adult camping participants said they wanted to camp to spend more time with their family.

There are many different campsites–shady campsites, summer sunny campgrounds, southern campgrounds–as well as different ways to camp, including tent camping, camp resorts, even family camping vacation spots. To that effect, there is one popular option of camping that offers amenities: the camp resort.

In a quick description, a camp resort may be described in the following: campgrounds with a pool. The camp resort combines the best in opportunities for all ages–from adults to teenagers to young kids–to camp while enjoying the company of different campers from all around. Socializing can actually happen within campgrounds with a pool.

Camping amenities can range from splash parks to jungle gyms to pools to lay out on to up-scale tents that are both physically attractive and spacious inside. The endless possibilities of the campgrounds with a pool can lend itself to an enjoyable vacation while enjoying the great outdoors but have the luxuries from home.

In fact, those camping resorts are also possible for those with RVs and other camping vehicles. They bring everyone together in one spot and can lead to an enjoyable and lasting experience for you and your children.