It’s easy for us to fall out of sync with Mother Nature.

We work long hours and barely have enough energy to make dinner once we get back home. We spend a lot of time glued to a screen and eventually forget the smell of fresh air. Before we know it we haven’t been camping in a while and are aching for some good, old-fashioned stress relief. When it’s time to round up your family and friends for the next great vacation, consider dropping by Summersville. Their family vacation spots check off all the hallmarks of a classic getaway, helping you get fit, have fun and feel completely refreshed once it’s time to go back to the grind.

Need some ideas? Here are some vacation activities that have yet to fall out of popularity.

The Importance Of Vacation Time

The United States is in serious need of a break. You know it, your friends know it, it’s common knowledge that a vacation can seriously leave an impact on the rest of your year. A study surveying American attitudes toward vacation time saw the overwhelming majority at 95% saying taking time off is very important. Data on domestic travel also saw nearly four out of five trips being done for leisure purposes. Seeking out the ideal fishing lake or most scenic biking trail is more than just fun. It’s a way for you to make sure you’re always feeling your best.

Health Benefits Of An Extended Break

Vacation time is good for you. It helps you prevent burnout and makes sure you don’t develop any long-term illnesses from stress. These include higher risks of cardiovascular disease, a lowered immune system and short-term issues like trouble sleeping. One study saw nearly 40% of the families responding admitting vacation time just makes them happy, particularly when it comes to reuniting with loved ones. Another survey saw 50% of employed American adults stating they feel very refreshed after a good vacation.

Popular Camping Activities

Which camping activities have withstood the test of time and remained firmly in our hearts? Dropping by the fishing lake is a good place to start. Fishing is a recreational activity that’s as productive as it is relaxing, allowing you a few hours to chill while anticipating a delicious catch. Hiking, on the other hand, is a more intensive activity that can help you burn off some calories on your way to a fulfilling break. Data has shown hiking to be the most popular activity among campers today, with the report finding 90% of campers hiked at some point. Around 85 million American adults also participate in recreational boating at their fishing lake of choice.

General Safety Tips

There’s no reason not to enjoy your vacation as safely as possible. Whether you’re planning a long evening by the fishing lake or want to start hiking in the morning, make sure you bring along a powerful sunscreen. It should have a high concentration of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both safe ingredients that block the majority of harmful UV rays. You also need to apply a new coat every two hours, since you’ll be sweating quite a lot over the course of the day. Flashlights with spare batteries, flares and simple rendezvous points should also be planned so nobody ends up lost on the way back to the campground. Safety in numbers!

Things To Do In Summersville WV

Summersville Lake WV is your one-stop shop for the vacation of your dreams. Its beautiful, lush landscape is a photographer’s paradise, giving you plenty of photo opportunities to remember your trip by. Their lakes are perfect for fishing or boating, particularly when the weather gets hot and you crave a trip to the nearest body of water. There are also plenty of hiking trails to explore. Today over 40% of campers will plan their trips at least one month in advance, booking their ideal campground spots and drafting out schedules to adhere to as they finally get in some of that leisure time they’ve been missing.

Summer is still in full swing. It’s time to make the most of it!