Rent a private jet

Your company is a unique organization, boasting design and efficiency. And if your executives travel the world, then you should have an executive private jet to match those attributes. Of course, private jets aren’t cars. They don’t come off the assembly line ready to fly. The process of finalizing an aircraft to the buyer’s specifications is a process known as aircraft completion management. This service is a highly organized process, taking a client’s vision from jet quotes to a completely customized plane.

Understandably, this is a complex process. So how does it work? When you need an executive private jet that’s as unique and impressive as your organization, you need completion monitoring services.

What is aircraft completion monitoring?

When an aircraft arrives from the manufacturer, it is essentially an empty shell. The jet completion process takes this new model and customizes the interior according to your preferences. This work is a collaboration between designers, engineers, fabricators, and installers. All of these professionals are experts in their unique portion of the completion process and have the skills it takes to transform a generic plane into something extraordinary. While not all elements of the cabin can be customized, this process ensures your company’s new private jet meets the highest standards.

What are the benefits of aircraft completion?

When you hire a jet completion service for private jets, your plane will not be manufactured with uniform design. Rather, you will have a say in exactly how the interior looks. This can be highly useful if your company has specific needs. You can choose everything from the color of the upholstery to the number of seats inside of the jet. You can also ensure that each technical aspect of this process is catered to your needs.

During each stage of the completions process, your completions monitoring team will help you avoid those last minute complications that normally lead to costly changes. They will not only ensure the aircraft’s cabin is outfitted to your preferences and delivered on time; they can also arrange the purchase of spare parts in case of future maintenance needs and negotiate favorable warranties and contracts.

From the first private jet quotes to the first flight, the completions monitoring process includes six important phases:

  1. Purchasing Agreement
  2. Specification Development
  3. Green Aircraft Delivery
  4. Completions Management
  5. Delivery and Acceptance
  6. Transition Into Flight Operations

Once you work with the completion staff to finalize your design, you should demand photos and videos of the entire process. To take this customization a step further, be sure to include the needs of your flight crew in the design. This way, you can ensure that the plane is created exactly for your travel habits and technical needs.

About 1.2 million Americans are employed by the business aviation industry, generating $150 billion in economic activity annually. Aircraft completion combines many of these resources for a common goal. By hiring an aircraft completion company for your business private jet, you can ensure your enjoyment of the aircraft in the short term and ease of sale in the long term. This makes it a wise investment for your comfort and finances.