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A Consumer Reports Adviser has shared that travel insurance is a $2 billion a year industry. It comes as little surprise when you consider how natural disasters, personal, and medical emergencies, and just plain bad luck can turn a great trip upside down in a matter of seconds. You might need travel insurance if you travel frequently for business or personal reasons, and if you invest a lot of time and money into your trips.

If you are thinking about obtaining insurance, here are three tips for finding the best carrier for your needs. The trick is to rely on various consumer reports.

  1. Travel Insurance Consumer Reports Reviews
  2. Did you know that you can use travel insurance reviews consumer reports has done to help you find the right insurance? You may have to subscribe to get all of the access you need to these reviews. Consumer Reports also provides links to other sites where you can find in depth reviews and recommendations.

  3. Consumer Reports Travel Insurance Recommendations
  4. Their recommendations include skipping coverage for small losses, such as luggage. It is also recommended to check with current insurance plans to see what might already be covered under health, life, and umbrella insurance to avoid duplicating service. Also, never purchase insurance from a tour provider or cruise line, as the insurance is only valid as long as they remain in business.

  5. The Air Travel Consumer Report
  6. Check this particular consumer report, which is distributed monthly by the Department of Transportation Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings. This is a free resource that can help you to judge the quality of an airline. Why should this matter for travel insurance?

    Well, by choosing good airlines you can reduce the risk that you will need to tap into your travel insurance in the first place. These reports cover criteria such as over sales, consumer complaints, mishandled baggage, delays, customer service reports, and reports of loss, injury, or death of animals in flight.

Remember that the travel insurance reviews Consumer Reports puts out will be crucial to helping you choose a reliable, responsible travel insurance company. Travel insurance is not a necessity for every traveler, but if you are laying out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a trip, then insurance may be a worthwhile investment. Be sure to compare companies and options to get insurance that covers all of your needs.