Camping in kentucky

With the ever-increasing pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives, many Americans can feel slightly overwhelmed thanks to the constant connectivity we all enjoy. While smartphones and tablets seem to rule our daily lives, it is comforting to know that there will always be a time and place to leave the technology at home and experience that grandeur of nature at its finest. Camping is one of the most popular vacation choices for Americans with the 2014 American Camper Report showing that 40.1 million Americans — or 14% of the U.S. population over the age of six — camped in 2013. Among camping participants, around 85% took their first camping trip sometime between birth and the age of 15. After the age of 15, surveys suggest that the chance of being introduced to camping were slim. Additionally, around 57% of campers participated in regular outdoor activities as children while only around 25% of non-camping participants were exposed to the outdoors frequently. Bringing the outdoors into a child’s life is a gift that can teach them to respect the outdoors and find a time and place for technology

How You Camp

There is no right or wrong way to camp, simply determine your needs and how you choose to meet them. By far the most traditional camping experience is to pitch a tent, bring a cooler, and cook your food over an open fire. By contrast, some choose to experience a greater degree of comfort with air conditioned RVs complete with kitchen amenities. Around 70% of camping is done in public campgrounds around the country that accommodate tents, campers, and RVs — some campgrounds may even have yurts or cabins available for a more unique camping experience. Of surveyed campers, it has been found that the average American camper spends around 14.9 days camping per year with 87% of campers participating in multiple outdoor activities during their family camping trips.


Some individuals choose to experience the outdoors as frontiersmen once may have. By making camp and locating natural trails, those with the patience and precision may be able to secure dinner for the night. A hunting trip is a unique bonding experience between families and friends that teaches us to be grateful for what nature provides while honing the experience needed to provide and live off the land. Keep in mind that all sportsmen ought to have a hunting permit and the quarry must be in season — by following the specific rules and regulations for the state, and by taking proper safety precautions, a hunting trip could become your next go-to for family camping trips.


One of the fondest family camping trips I remember is fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan. A majority of camp resorts will have designated fishing ponds or sections for children and adults of all ages to enjoy the serenity and excitement that fishing has to offer. For those camping on a large body of water, chances are there are charter services that will allow you and your camping partners to experience the fight that only big game fish can offer. A fishing family vacation could be just what you need to put the technology away and get hooked on vacation life.

Backcountry Camping

For those with a sense of adventure and the skill to match, there is always the option to take a backcountry camping trip. Backcountry camping goes with its own set of risks that ought to be thoroughly assessed; in addition proper gear and precautions need to be made considering food, water, first aid, predator deterrent, emergency rescue, and navigation. Those who consider backcountry camping should also determine that they are doing so in a safe, legal area and not on someone’s private property without permission. Once all of the precautions have been met, there is no greater thrill than going out into nature and living off of it — even if only for a week. With the number of campers increasing every year, chances are that skilled families will be planning more high-adventure family camping trips in the backcountry.


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