Travel insurance reviews consumer reports

When planning a vacation, there are many decisions that need to be made. Once the dates and destination have been determined, reservations for transportation and accommodations have to be made. This can be done through a travel agent, or online through travel websites.

Whether the vacation plans are confirmed through a travel agent or online, the traveler is usually given the option of purchasing insurance. The cost and coverage may vary and there has been some discussion about how much insurance you should have, and according to some consumer reports travel insurance may not be necessary for every one in the first place.

On the topic of travel insurance consumer reports state that many travelers may not need it because they may already be covered. Oftentimes homeowners, auto, life, or health insurance policies already provide the same coverage that is included with the travel insurance consumer reports have shown. Nearly two billion dollars worth of travel insurance is sold per year, and two thirds of the sales are from travel agents, tour representatives, and other travel reps who work on commission.

As an alternative to purchasing too much travel insurance consumer reports suggest bringing as few valuables as possible with you when you travel. Studies show that most people over pack for vacations. Leaving what you do not need at home gives you less to carry and less to insure on the road. Bring clothing and other items that are inexpensive to replace. For items which may be lost or stolen that would cost little to replace consumer reports travel insurance might not be necessary. Before you purchase insurance, it is recommended that you do some research. In addition to air travel consumer reports travel trailers, cruise travel and other tourism packages are also available.