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Work is a vital part of modern life, unfortunately for many Americans work has a tendency to take more than its fair share of time. Statistically, Americans today are working longer hours than they were a few decades ago — this is likely due to the increased cost of living that is disproportionate with average wages which haven’t increased as drastically. Balancing work and play is crucial to maintain a high quality of life, not to mention one’s sanity!

All Work and No Play

The Center of Economic and Policy Research found that a quarter of all Americans receive no paid time off from their work — America is one of the only countries with this problem as workers in France and Italy receive 31 days of paid time off per year, Canadian workers receive 19 days of paid time off, and even Japanese workers (who are believed to be some of the hardest working people on Earth) have 10 days of paid time off per year. Even of those workers that do have the option to take some paid time off, around 75% did not take all of their vacation in 2013 according to Glassdoor. In short, vacations do not mean the same thing that they meant a few decades ago as modern life has found ways to put a stop to relaxation.

What Happened to the Vacation?

Cell phones and the internet have worked together to make our lives easier; by the same token these technological innovations have also made it difficult to get away from everything. Over half of survey participants admitted that they continue to work even while on vacation; a quarter of respondents stated that they got in touch about work by a co-worker while they were supposed to be on vacation and a fifth of respondents said that their boss contacted them at some point during their vacation. All of this contributes to a negative perception of the vacation which is likely why so many Americans choose not to bother with it — why spend the money if you know you’re unable to relax after all? As many as 10% of those who travel for a vacation are unable to relax thanks to modern technology. Something needs to change.

Vacationing in All Inclusive Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Pack your bags, leave the cell phone at home, and get the vacation that you deserve and need with one of Cabo San Lucas’ all inclusive resorts. Located on California’s Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful stretch of beaches and all inclusive resorts that offer some of Mexico’s most beautiful and breathtaking sights. The average temperature in Cabo is around 70 to 100 degrees in the summer with winter temperatures rarely dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit — the year round average is around 78 degrees. The scenery and weather are responsible for the many Cabo San Lucas resorts that are dispersed throughout the city. Although Cabo is in Mexico, the large volume of American tourists means that most places accept dollars as they do pesos; keep in mind that you will most likely receive pesos as change and that most vendors use a 10 peso to 1 dollar exchange rate — this is higher than the actual exchange rate of around 12 pesos to 1 dollar. Reclaim the vacation and leave the cell phones behind by booking your stay at one of the many luxury resorts spread around the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas!