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Did you know, according to National Public Radio, that taking a vacation is not simply about relaxation? Indeed, as the news outlet reports, a recent Framingham Heart Study found that people who go on vacations tend to live longer than those who work all the time. As The Atlantic points out, worker productivity steadily declines after working 40 hours in a week, especially when that means having to work through the weekends. Not only is working too much bad for your health, it’s bad for your employer.

For Americans looking to get away and enjoy some sunshine, Liberia has become a particularly enjoyable paradise. As CNN writes, while the country was once torn by war, Liberia now plays home to a wide selection of luxury villas and beach resorts. Monrovia, perfectly positioned to take advantage of the warm West African shores, is the most popular place for tourists to go in the Tennessee-sized country of 4.1 million people, as tallied by the World Health Organization.

What Makes Liberia So Popular to Foreign Tourists?

  • No Communication Problems
  • According to Maps of the World, Liberia recognizes English as its national language. This makes it an especially convenient tropical paradise. Whenever you need directions, a place to eat, or a recommendation for entertainment, you don’t have to worry about speaking one of the ethnic languages found throughout the country. Instead, you can simply communicate in English, the current lingua franca, making this an easy place to get along for most tourists.

  • Affordability of Travel
  • The official currency of Liberia, according to, is the Liberian dollar. However, American currency is widely accepted throughout popular tourist destinations, like Monrovia. As shows, the exchange rate between Liberian and American dollars is extremely favorable for American tourists, with nearly 80 Liberian dollars to every one American.

  • The Holiday Villas
  • Of course, the number one reason why people come to Liberia is to enjoy its beaches and its weather, both of which are best experienced when staying in Monrovia’s holiday villas. With average temperatures ranging from 16 to 26 Celsius, 60 to 80 Fahrenheit, Monrovian holiday villas give tourists beautiful, private, and comfortable access to a gorgeous tropical landscape, bolstered by the lapping waves of the Atlantic shoreline.

If you feel that work is quite literally killing you, and frankly, it could be, then consider taking an amazing African getaway. Liberia has made great strides toward being a tropical paradise for its international neighbors. Why not take advantage of holiday villas and take a load off?
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