Airbnb has completely changed the travel industry. It’s never been easy to travel the world or to just go out for a last-minute trip across the country. However, it’s essential to be a great guest when staying in someone else’s home. Not complying with their standards can cause you to lose your Airbnb privileges. Therefore, if you want to learn how to be a considerate guest, continue reading! Here’s what you need to know about Airbnb etiquette for guests.

Look at the guidelines beforehand

Read the cleaning and checkout guidelines before leaving for your trip. It’s good Airbnb etiquette for guests. Every house or property can vary. Some require you to clean up after yourself. While others will hire a cleaning service for after your stay. Regardless, it’s always best to keep the place as tidy as possible. Clean as you go. Don’t let the dishes pile up, and do not leave trash on the floor. When you clean as you go, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up the mess before your checkout time.

Check out at the right time

Don’t assume that your time is more valuable than anyone else’s!

If your host has clearly stated that they need you out by a certain time, abide by this rule. This is simply good Airbnb etiquette for guests!

Your hosts will also need to clean up the home for the next set of guests, so make sure you’re not loitering around. If there is an emergency, and you need to extend your stay, reach out to your host to ask permission first.

Be honest about how many people will be staying

Hosts also don’t want you to cram as many people as you can! When filling out the filters on the site, ensure that you are honest with how many guests will be accompanying you.

Don’t bring pets unless they are allowed

Traveling with your furry friend is so fun! You don’t have to pay for a kennel. They can also make your trip more memorable. However, before packing up your pup, make sure that you can bring animals to your Airbnb. Many hosts have strict guidelines against bringing in pets. Please be respectful of their wishes. If you are unsure about the pet-friendly status of a location, message the owner. Never assume!

Communicate with your host

The same goes for any other question you may have when booking your stay. Communication is the golden rule with any relationship — even your relationship with your Airbnb host!

Pretend you are staying with family or a friend

Here’s a great tip for following Airbnb etiquette for guests. Pretend you are staying with a close friend or family member. This can help you make smarter and more responsible decisions during your stay. You wouldn’t trash your best friend’s house, right? You wouldn’t leave the place a mess if you were staying with your aunt, correct?

Of course not! You may never come face to face with your host, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect their home and their things.

Leave a review

Many hosts take great pride in their work. If you had a positive experience, leaving a positive review is the best way you can pay their service forward. A nice review will encourage more guests to stay there, and can help the host grow their business!

When writing your review, make sure it’s honest and not too over the top. Readers may stumble across it and assume it’s a fake or bought review. Note if they have waste removal or on premise parking or if they printed out a list of the best restaurants nearby for you to try.

Share why you decided to stay with the host. How many people stayed with you? What kind of experience did you have? If your host went above and beyond to leave special touches around the home, include this in your review too. Did they leave chocolates out? Were the towels and toiletries easy to access? These factors can all positively influence someone to book with the host.

Use social media to share your experience with the property

If you don’t have time to leave a review, you can always engage with your host through social media. If your stay was exceptional, make sure to post about it!

Snap a few photos and tag Airbnb to let them know you had a wonderful stay. This can also alert your followers of the property. If there was something unique about the place, they are more likely to book the location thanks to you!

Do not try to negotiate

The rate you see on the screen is the rate you must pay. The host’s fees are non-negotiable. Remember, this may be their main source of income. If you can’t afford a certain house, then look for a cheaper deal!

The good news is that there are several homes at several price points for you to choose from in case the property you’re looking at is out of your budget.

Utilize the app if any issues arise

If you want to implement better Airbnb etiquette for guests, follow this golden rule. Keep it in the app! You can message and even call your host to ask for directions. You can contact them through the app for nearly anything. This eliminates the need to ask for a phone number or email address, so do not ask your host for their contact information. This may make them uncomfortable. It’s also unsafe.

How to share the Airbnb

Often, many hosts will rent several rooms out at once. If you’re staying with strangers, abide by this Airbnb etiquette for guests.

Be quiet

Try to keep your noise level down when you’re staying at an Airbnb with several guests. Do not play loud music. Do not stomp on the ground or yell. You can wake and disturb the other guests!

Keep the kitchen clean

Since you’re likely sharing the kitchen with other guests, ensure that you’re keeping this area tidy. Wash your dishes as soon as possible. If you order takeout, throw the garbage away promptly. Wipe the quartz countertops with a paper towel and water when you’re done eating too!

Know what you will be charged at the time of booking

You don’t want to be caught off guard and get into an argument with your host! Check to see whether you will be charged the full amount or not.

Keep the bathrooms clean

The same goes for the bathroom! Make sure to pick up after yourself and to wipe areas down with a wet paper towel if you need to. If the property has on premise trash collection, you can simply throw this away with the rest of your trash.

Don’t leave the sinks running

You wouldn’t do this in your own home! Ensure you’re turning the facets off before you leave, or your host will have to file a water damage claim.

Don’t use up all the hot water

You may love hot showers when you’re traveling. However, if you’re sharing the home with others, keep in mind that they will all have to shower too. Ensure there is enough hot water to go around.

Do not clog the toilet

This one may be harder to control. But try not to shove too much toilet paper down the drain. An overflowing toilet can ruin your entire stay!

Share the power outlets

If you’re not in the mood to explore the area around your Airbnb because you’d rather stay inside where there’s air conditioning and answer emails, do not hog all the outlets in the common areas. Other guests may have the same idea and want to stay behind. Feel free to use all the power in your own room, though!

Do not tip even if you feel it’s necessary

Sometimes you’ll have a host that will go beyond the call of duty. If you want to thank them for staying in their home, you may also want to leave them a generous tip aside from their daily rate.

However, Airbnb does not allow tips. If you leave some cash behind, it’s likely to be collected by the cleaning staff instead.

If you break something, tell your host right away

Accidents happen. If your toddler is running through the room and tipped over a vase, tell your host right away and offer to pay for the damage. This is much better than running away from the issue so your host can find and resolve it. Remember, this is their home. It may seem embarrassing and awkward owning up to this mistake, but it’s the honest and honorable thing to do.

Sometimes, the host may not even care as your security deposit can cover the damage.

Message your host after checking out

Currently, there is no feature on the Airbnb app that alerts the host that you have left. You can send them a quick message to let them know you have left and that you enjoyed your stay!

Don’t assume there is food in your Airbnb

If you want to ensure you have good Airbnb etiquette for guests, bring and prepare your own food. Never assume that the pantry will be stocked. Hosts are in charge of things like stocking toilet paper and maintaining furnaces. However, it’s your responsibility to prep your meals. If you’re staying at the same property for long, learn where the best grocery stores are from the home or apartment.

Explore local businesses when traveling

Here’s another tip if you want to learn better etiquette for Airbnb guests. When leaving the house or apartment, shop around at local restaurants and businesses. You will boost the local economy. You can also discover new treasures in town. Why travel across the country if you’re not going to explore?

Wait before leaving a negative review

Let’s say you had a bad experience while staying at your Airbnb. It will be tempting to vent your frustrations by typing up a bad host review. However, before releasing your anger and frustration, allow your host to explain or correct the problem. This could be an instance of miscommunication. A poor review can harm your host by lowering their score.

If you can’t get a hold of your host, or they refuse to correct something blatantly wrong, write your review. Waiting two or three days, however, is a good idea if you want to practice better Airbnb etiquette for guests. State what happened to warn other guests. For example, if there were bugs in the space, or if you felt unsafe during your stay.


Many great benefits come with learning Airbnb etiquette for guests! You can travel the world on a budget. You also never have to worry about finding a hotel that isn’t absolutely booked. However, if this is your first time booking a stay, or you are unsure how to act during your stay, make sure to implement these tips on Airbnb etiquette for guests.

Your host will appreciate this, no matter where around the world you’re staying!

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