Carriages in central park

Horse drawn carriage rides have been around for a while, however not many people realize just how versatile they are. They are the perfect choice for a variety of occasions and the perfect way to wrap up special events. These carriage rides usually give riders around 40 minutes of sightseeing and togetherness. Horse drawn carriage rides are easier to plan and arrange than you may think. Consider a horse drawn carriage for any of these special events.


When you propose you want it to be magical and special and something they will remember. Central park carriages can help make your proposal memorable. Choosing a horse and buggy ride after proposing, wraps up a special event in a magical way. Choose a horse drawn carriage with the words “she said yes” on the back to announce your special news while enjoying a romantic horse carriage ride through the town.


Ending your special day is just as important as every other detail. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into their transportation from the wedding ceremony to their next destination, but choosing central park carriages to transport you and your spouse is a romantic and elegant way to show your love. Neither party has to drive and you are both able to sit back and enjoy some alone time while viewing the town and showing off your new status as a couple.


Prom is most certainly a special night, and many teenagers wnat it to be a night they can remember. Limos are very popular during prom season, but they are not your only option when it comes to making prom a night they will remember. Central park carriages can leave lasting memories while making a unique statement as the passengers pull up to their prom destination.


Ever found yourself wondering just what to get your spouse for their birthday? People who seem to have it all can be especially hard to shop for, and those who are hesitant to tell you what they want or need can be difficult as well. When you find yourself lost and not knowing what to do for their birthday turn to central park carriages. A romantic evening dinner at a romantic restaurant follwed by a birthday carriage ride will surely leave an impact and help give them a birthday they will never forget.


Do you dream of a white Christmas, but dread drving around to look at all the beautiful holiday lights? Central park carriages has just the answer for you. Grab your significant other and a blanket and cuddle up in the back of the carriage while you are chauffered around town with no effort on your part. Enjoy a slow stroll like ride as you gaze at the beautiful holiday sights and spend quality time together.

A horse drawn carriage is safe as well as enjoyable. Whether walking or galloping during your carriage ride you and your guest will have no worries. A galloping horse averages around 27 MPH and since their eyes are located on the sides of their head they have almost complete 360 degree line of sight. They are very observant animals and make the perfect choice for pulling a carriage. Next time you find yourself in need of something special for your significant other don’t neglect to check out central park carriages. You will both be happy you did.