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Can you swim? How far can you swim? Can you handle a 460 kilometres swim? It takes a passionate swimmer to do so. In the video ‘A swim for charity,’ Gaven Sinclair is motivated to do a 460 kilometres swim from Madagascar to Mozambique. By doing so, Gaven intends to raise funds for children’s welfare charity.

Children are an integral part of society. This makes children’s welfare an essential aspect of the community. There is a need to offer services designed to make sure that children are safe. The services should also be undertaken to ensure the families possess the right support to successfully provide the appropriate care to their children. Therefore, children’s welfare is the supportive services given to children to prevent child neglect and abuse.

Why are children’s welfare important?

As a community, educators and child welfare workers can work together to ensure families can give children the right care to guarantee safety and wellness. By offering child welfare support, the youth are better positioned to have positive outcomes socially and education-wise. The idea of child welfare seeks to protect children from any form of exploitation as they are protected. The behaviour of a child may inform you when there are any concerns about the child’s safety.

How can you improve children’s welfare?

There are some strategies that researchers have found to work effectively for children children’s welfare systems. This is how to improve a child’s welfare:

Where possible, it is necessary to prevent the child from receiving the wrong treatment (maltreatment). By doing this, you improve the child’s safety and save the child from getting into a child welfare system. The other thing you need to do is to motivate family members to preserve the system in terms of having both parents and children in the system. Improving the child’s experience in the course will strengthen the child’s care from relatives, also known as kinship care. By considering the above, you will achieve the objectives of a child welfare system. In return, improving children’s experience by putting the policies in place will help reduce costs incurred by the system. The improvement will also earn the children a positive outcome during their adulthood.

Improved kinship care will reduce the rate of child maltreatment, which can give an adverse long-term outcome to the kids. Taking care of children will help society prevent them from engaging in substance abuse, underemployment, homelessness, and any form of a criminal conviction.

The future depends on the young generation. To have a bright future means doing everything possible to take care of our children. Raising funds for child welfare is one of them.