Gulfstream charter plane

If you really want to take your upcoming special occasion to the next level in terms of luxury and memorability, consider chartering a private jet.

Bachelor Party

What bachelor or bachelorette doesn?t want to feel like a celebrity on their last night as an unmarried party animal. Of course, they are looking forward to a blissful future as half of a married couple, but some part of them will miss the freedom of spending time with their friends however they choose. An executive private jet allows the entire party to travel much further than would be possible for a typical bachelor party.

Some couples really do enjoy doing everything together. If this is the case, the bride and groom may decide to take the entire bridal party to a single destination on the private jet together. Then both get to enjoy the luxury and maintain their autonomy at the main event.

Honeymoon Retreat

There is no need to limit the luxury treatment to before the wedding. After the vows have been exchanged the happy bride and groom can look forward to being whisked away into the clouds in a private jet to their honeymoon destination. This gives a whole new meaning to driving, or flying, off into the sunset.

Private flights aren?t just a great experience on the way to the honeymoon location. They also offer the couple a quiet and romantic ride back into their daily lives upon their return. Having the ability to avoid the long wait times, luggage claim, lines, and other passengers is a great way to end a magical honeymoon experience.

Birthday Extravaganza

Milestone birthdays are another fantastic reason to consider a private jet. Taking a commercial flight will certainly get you to a birthday celebration, but it won?t allow you to relax and begin pampering yourself in style before you arrive. A private charter jet can allow you to unwind and even bring along little luxuries to be enjoyed on the way with your friends and family. Cheesecake and champagne as you drift over the clouds is an excellent beginning for a new decade.

When you charter a private jet, you are not simply procuring transportation from one point to another. You are purchasing an experience independent of the final destination. You and your entire entourage will be able to relax in the comfort and privacy of the private jet for the entire trip to and from your destination, extending the duration of the celebration.